Welcome to the consultation website for Essex Housing’s proposed redevelopment of Loughton Library. This website will be updated with all relevant material throughout the consultation period.

Replacing the current library

The plans would see the current library building – which will soon require extensive and costly maintenance – replaced with a brand new and more flexible library.

All current community and civic uses will be maintained, a new outdoor learning space and public courtyard created, and the surrounding outdoor space enhanced. Your new library would be funded through the development of up to 38 residential apartments above the ground floor.

To find out more about the views of the local community, we undertook a comprehensive consultation process. It included three public events, and many meetings with stakeholders. The consultation period closed on 1 August. Responses to our consultation will be used to improve our designs to better serve the community, and will form part of our application submission to Essex County Council.

About Essex Housing

Essex Housing is Essex County Council’s housing development team. We were set up to build general needs, affordable and specialist housing, as well as improving and creating new community facilities.

No site is the same, but we always set out to deliver well-designed homes and neighbourhoods and reinvest any surpluses into public services through Essex County Council.

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